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To complement the marketing efforts of Trading Division, ISD was formed to market top-quality industrial products to its customer, such as welding electrodes, industrial V-belts and Neoprene rubber sheeting. Used for thin sheet and medium thick plates in structural welding, vehicle construction, boiler and tank welding, to name some of its uses, these electrodes are of prime quality and come internationally reputable firms with ISO 9002 Certification. Meanwhile, the division is offering for industrial V-belts for power transmission for multiple, high-speed and high torque drives are excellent products for automotive machinery and other industries. Neoprene rubber sheeting finds varied uses but is primarily designed for shock absorbers, pumps, gaskets and insulation. These products demonstrate further our commitment to cater to the specialized needs of our various clients both in the commercial and industrial sectors.

In trading among other divisions, we are exclusively involved in dealing with the following line of products:

V-Belts and Tie Wire
  • V-Belts (Bando, Japan) - Type: A, B, C, D, Spa, Spb, Spc, Spz, 3v, 5v, 8v
  • V-Belts (Opti, Germany)
  • Tie Wire (Galvanized) Bwg, 22 Bwg, 18 Bwg 12

Working Leather Gloves

  • Heavy duty super quality type-A1
  • Heavy duty type-A (stripe)
  • Heavy duty, double palm, type-B1
  • Light duty, jeans-B
  • Medium duty, yellow-C
  • Cheap quality, type-G, yellow and grey
  • Cotton dotted gloves and cotton gloves

Welding Gloves

  • Welding Gloves 16, Full Sleeves Leather Gloves
    • Grey
    • Red
  • Tig Welding Gloves

Rubber Sheets

  • Neoprene Rubber Sheets - Sizes: 1 Mm To 25 Mm

Cotton Rags

  • Cotton Rags/Waste in mixed colour and White. 100% Hosiery Cotton (35 Kg.)

Caster Wheel

  • Fixed & Suwel

Scaffolding Wheel 

  • Scaffolding Wheel 6" and 8"

Welding Electrodes

  • Type- 7018, Hyundai, Korea. All Sizes
  • Type- 6013 Emirates, U.A.E. All Sizes
  • Type- 6013 And 7018, Weldtech, K.S.A. All Sizes

Solid MIG & Flux Cored wire

  • MFR: Hyunday Korea

Safety Shoes & coveralls

  • All Sizes Made In China
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