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To further strengthen our basic industries that will take part in building a stronger Saudi Arabia. Al-Tuwairqi Group (ATTC) has launched a new project of steel melt shop by the name of National Iron and Steel Factory (NSIF), which will prove to be a new feather in the Hat of ATTC.

About one-quarter of the world’s steel is produced by the electric-arc method, which uses high-current electric arcs to melt steel scrap and convert it into liquid steel of a specified chemical composition and temperature. External arc heating permits better thermal control than does the basic oxygen process, in which heating is accomplished by the exothermic oxidation of elements contained in the charge. This allows larger alloy additions to be made than are possible in basic oxygen steel making. However, electric arc steel making is not as oxidizing, and slag-metal mixing is not as intense; therefore, electric-arc steels normally have carbon contents higher than 0.05 percent.

In addition, they usually have a higher nitrogen content of 40 to 120 parts per million, compared with 30 to 50 parts per million in basic-oxygen steels. Nitrogen, which renders steel brittle, is absorbed by liquid steel from air in the high-temperature zone of the arc. The nitrogen content can be lowered by blowing other gases into the furnace, by heating with a short arc, and by applying a vigorous carbon monoxide boil or argon stir to the melt.

The big venture will produce 300,000 ton billet per annum in the first phase which will go up to 500,000 ton per annum by the end of second phase. It will produce 120 x 120 mm; 130 x 130 mm and 150 x 150 mm billet size.

The factory is in the phase of erection at the moment. State of the art automation and control system will be used to take care of the quality and quantity for the growing group in the history of steel market. This will eventually become another milestone by ATTC group in the history of steel making in Saudi Arabia. This will also help in the environmental cleanliness as all the metal scrap will be recycled and consumed as raw material for this (EAF).ll consist of five major Plant Complexes as follows:

  • EAF with 50 Ton tapped weight
  • Billet Continuous Casting Machine (BCCM)
  • Dust Collection System (DCS)
  • Ladle Refining Shop (LRF) of 50 Ton Capacity
  • Auto Addition System
  • Overhead Cranes Network
  • Water Comple
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