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Contracting division is the foremost entity of Al-Tuwairqi Group.The division has executed a number of projects over the last two decades to the satisfaction of its clients.The division has employed highly experienced and engineers and technicians and acquired wide range of construction machinery / tools to execute its projects. We have completed many prestigious projects for Saudi Aramco, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, Saudi Fertilizer Company, Royal commission for Jubail Yanbu and Saudi Consolidated Electric Supply Company.

We have performed Foundation Engineering works, Piling & Drilling, Grouting, Dewatering, Steel fabrication, Mechanical and other related construction works.


Trading Division has provided the infrastructure to the Group to diversity into other areas of the business. This division has provided the opportunities to enter into the field of manufacturing. The division is actively involved in Marketing and Trading of  Electrical Distribution, Transmission, Switchgears, Conductors and Power  Cables, Transformers,  Motors, Generators, Lighting  Equipment,  Specialty  Metals, Machinery Spare Parts, Chemicals, Fiberglass and Safety Security products.

We are registered supplies of Saudi Aramco and Saudi Consolidated Electric Supply Company. Recently, We have introduced the following products:

Protective Silicone Coatings for the Power Industry:

This is to provide High Voltage Insulator Flashover Protection, Birds & Animals flashover Protection and Corrosion Protection. Silicone material provides resistance to Voltage, Ozone, Water, Sun light, Hardening or Cracking and it is useable in cold and hot climate.

Data Acquisition System:

We provide a Powerful Data Acquisition System with huge memory, Flexibility, Pre and Post Trigger Acquisition, Data Recording Automation, On-screen review, playback to chart and many more options. This is supported with Windows® based Powerful Software.

Tank and Pipelines Monitoring system:

This system is suitable for continuous leakage of nearly all conducting and non-conducting fluids such as water, hydrocarbon, acid, lye and caustic solutions.

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